Who We Are & Why We're a Different Law Firm

We are a Nashville boutique law firm focused on providing quality business and legal advice and representation to creative and talented individuals and businesses.  Founded by managing attorney Zach Scott Gainous, we strive to be the "go-to" law firm and general counsel for creative and talented people and companies in several industries and professions, including music, entertainment, and sports.  In addition to providing great legal advice and representation, our law firm is different from most law firms in several ways.

Interest & Knowledge

Unlike some attorneys or law firms who will provide multiple legal services to anyone who can pay or who walks in their doors, we only work with and represent legal clients who we know we can assist and provide value to.  Our founder Zach Scott Gainous, during his time in the music industry prior to becoming an attorney, saw many people receiving poor legal and business advice and representation.  As a result, we have a law firm that will never provide poor advice or representation because we're interested in our clients and passionate about our client's success and being experts on their issues.  We get to know our clients, their business, industry or profession, their interests, their goals, their concerns, and often their families, and we only help and work with clients when we have the interest, expertise, and knowledge of the client's issues or concerns.  By doing this, we are well versed in our client's industry, career, or profession, and their business, legal, and non-legal matters, issues, interests, risks, and concerns.  As a result, we can often anticipate or prevent problems from occuring before they arise.  Unlike many other law firms and lawyers, this enables us to often save our client's what would be avoidable added time, expense, and stress and bring added value to our clients.

Long Term Relationships

We also strive to be our client's long term trusted advisors and our client's first contact when they're considering options, making changes or decisions, or when an emergency occurs.  Being so knowledgeable, interested, and invested in our clients enables us to evaluate issues and situations more efficiently than many other law firms or attorneys who only handle a client's small or occassional matters and often only when the client finally realizes they need an attorney.  By being our client's long term trusted and "go-to" advisor, we're also able to see the big picture and how each of the client's business or legal matters, options, or decisions are related and will impact or influence the client's other business or legal matters, options, or decisions.  In comparison to some other lawyers or firms, being a long term trusted advisor also enables us to often anticipate our client's needs, save our clients from avoidable stresses, time, and expenses and add value.

Billing & Fees

Many clients of law firms and attorney often end up struggling to understand their attorney's fees and legal bills and expenses, and either struggle to pay their bill or dispute and refuse to pay portions of it.  Our goal is to avoid this situation, and ideally, never have legal bills or fees be an issue or come between the client and our firm.  Unlike many other firms and lawyers, we attempt to accomplish this by employing several unique billing strategies.  We strive to clearly communicate and makie sure our client's understand, and ideally and typically before ever receiving an invoice or bill from us, exactly what they're paying for, what they're getting or not getting, and what will or might cost extra.  We also differ from many other law firms and attorneys by offering flat fees for as many of our services as possible or for a maximum expected number of hours of work, and when we can't do that, we bill a reasonable hourly rate.  In addition we also offer affordable monthly installment or payment plans and the ability to pay online or with an electronic check, debit, or all major credit cards.

Personal Service & Attention

Many other attorneys and law firms often have so many clients, attorneys, staff, and specialization or practice areas that they unintentionally providing poor customer service to their clients, including delays or lacking client communications, small details or issues that inadvertently get overlooked, forgotten, or fall through the cracks, and general lacking in personal service and attention to the client.  This lack of attention to detail, communication, and quality customer service often costs the client time, stress, and money later on in the attorney-client relationship.  We strive to never let our clients have to deal with poor customer service from our firm.  Instead, we communicate with our client's and respond to them typically no later than 1 or 2 business days, or much sooner for especially urgent matters.  We also require that our team have time set aside each day where we can schedule a follow up email or return phone call with a client.  This means that details do not get missed, clients and attorneys stay informed and in communication, nothing gets missed, and great customer service is provided.

Convenience of Technology

It's common that many firms and lawyers do not handle change well, in part because of the nature of the profession.  This often manifests in law firms being slow to adapt to, incorporate, or utilize new or modern technology.  Unlike other firms or attorneys, our law firm is consistently staying up to date and attempting to integrate the latest modern technologies in our practice and our client relations, in part because founder and managing attorney Zach Gainous grew up learning and tinkering with technology.  As long as the technology is stable and secure enough to protect our client's confidential and privileged information and communications and provides a benefit, we will try and find a way to use it, including going completely digital where that is possible.   From our online digital client intake forms, client portal and communications, use of e-discovery software and services, to our online billing and payment system and practice management software, we use technology to benefit our clients and save them hassle, time, stress, and money.

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