Nashville Contract Lawyer & Law Firm

Founded by Nashville contract attorney Zach Scott Gainous, we are a Nashville boutique contracts and commercial transactions law firm that provides legal expertise, advice and representation to creative & talented individuals and businesses in many industries.  We strive to be, the "go-to" contract law firm and general counsel for creative and talented entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, executives, companies, small businesses, and startups in many industries.

Who We Help with Contracts & Agreements

  • Entertainers, public figures, & celebrities, including
    • Music artists, acts, bands, band members, etc.,
    • Movie, film, & television actors, actresses, celebrities, etc.,
    • Stand-Up comedians & comedy acts, etc.,
    • Fashion, merchandise, and apparel models & celebrities,
    • Athletes, sports stars, & coaches, etc.
  • Creators of entertainment, media, technology, fashion, and more, including
    • Songwriters, music composers, lyricists, record producers, music producers, etc.,
    • Filmmakers, film, movie, & TV directors, producers, etc.,
    • Movie, film, and television script writers, screenplay writers, etc.,
    • Fashion, clothing, merchandise, apparel, and accessory designers, creators, etc.,
    • Creators or developers of apps, software, video games, technology, etc.,
    • Bloggers, podcast hosts podcasters, journalists, commentators, social media personalities, etc.,
    • Authors or writers of books, fiction, non-fiction, short stories, graphic novels, comic books, etc.,
    • Photographers, videographers, graphic designers, etc.,
  • Entertainment, media, fashion, sports, tech & many other professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, & executives, including
    • Record label executives, music publishing execs, etc.,
    • Movie, film, & television studio executives, etc.,
    • Talent and personal managers, entertainment business managers, agents, etc.,
    • Software, social media, app, technology, & video game executives, etc.
    • Fashion & clothing executives, etc.,
    • Sports executives and professionals, etc.
    • Chefs & restauranteurs, etc.
    • Marketing, publicity, & PR executives, etc.
  • Businesses & companies, including
    • Independent record labels, music publishing companies, etc.,
    • Independent film, movie, & TV production companies, studios, etc.,
    • Talent management, business management, talent agencies and firms, etc.
    • Fashion, apparel, & clothing brands & companies, etc.
    • Technology, software, social media, app, & video game companies, etc.
    • Marketing, publicity, & public relations firms or businesses, etc.

How We Help Contract & Commercial Transactions Law Clients

We have the legal and business expertise to advise and represent contract law clients in protecting and looking out for their interests, assets, property, privacy, and reputation through contracts, commercial transactions, and agreements.   Below are just some of the ways and areas we help and serve contract and commercial transaction law clients.

Drafting & Negotiating Contracts & Agreements

We have the legal and business knowledge and expertise to advise and represent contract law clients in drafing and negotiating their contracts and agreements, including,

  • drafting and negotiating contracts or agreements for contract law clients in many industries, including entertainment, music, film & television, media, sports and athletics, fashion or apparel, technology, real estate, etc.,
  • explaining to contract law clients any complex and confusing contractual language, terms, and clauses, including all-in rate, indemnity, hold harmless, liquidated damages, controlled composition, mediation, arbitration, SRLP, PPD or published price to dealer, FOB or free on board clauses, etc.,
  • advising clients whether the contract or agreement is friendly or unfriendly to them, when to walk away from an deal or opportunity, and the best negotiating tactics and strategies to get the best or friendliest deal possible,
  • drafting contractual language that clearly establishes when and how contract termination is available, what amounts to performance, completion, or breach, etc.,
  • drafting and negotiating deals that ensure that the contract law client's interests are protected and any potential risks to the client are mitigated as much as possible

Contracts & Commercial Transactions Breaches, Disputes, & Litigation

We have the business, legal, and contract law expertise to advise and represent contract law clients in contract or agreement breaches, disputes, and litigation, including,
  • advising and informing clients if they have or will likely be found in breach of contract or liable for breach of contract due to their actions or inactions,
  • counseling clients on potential remedies available when one party is in breach of a contract or agreement, including court orders for specific performance, liquidated damages under the contract, etc.,
  • advising and representing contract or commercial transaction clients in disputes over contracts or commercial transactions, including representing contract clients in arbitration or mediation proceedings,
  • counseling and representing commercial transaction or contract law clients in contract litigation or disputes, including handling jury or bench trials, discovery, motions and filings, any potential settlement agreements, and appeals, etc.,
  • pursuing secondary or additional claims or litigation when a contract isn't valid or enforceable or breach of contract may not be avaliable or the best option, including claims for unjust enrichment, promissory estoppel, etc.,

Validity, Enforcement, & Termination of Contracts & Agreements

We have the legal and contract law expertise and knowledge to advise and represent contract or commercial transactions clients on the validity, enforcement, or termination of their agreements and contracts, including

  • advising contract law clients on whether a contract or agreement meets the legal standard to be valid and enforceable under contract law,
  • counseling clients on whether their contract is required to be in writing under contract law's "statute of frauds" to be valid and enforceable,
  • analyzing any potential contract formation defenses and advising contract clients of the likelihood of successful use of any defenses in determining a contract's validity or enforecability, etc.,
  • advising clients of potential other enforceable equitable or other legal claims in the event a contract is not valid or enforceable,
  • advising and representing clients in determining or dealing with issues of when termination is available due to completion or performance, breach by a party, or under the terms of the contract, etc.

Contracts for Sales of Goods, Personal Services, & Contracts with Minors or Kids

We have the legal and business expertise to provide contract clients with legal advice and representation in contracts involving the sale of goods, personal services, and contracts with children or minors, including:

  • advising and informing clients on the legal differences involved in contracts for the sale of goods versus contracts for personal services,
  • counseling and representing clients on "battle of the forms" issues when contractual terms among parties differ in sales of goods contracts under the Uniform Commercial Code,
  • advising  clients in contracts with minors or minors who have or want to enter into a contract, including when and what types of contracts with children are enforceable, "necessity" contracts with minors, and ratification by minors, etc.,
  • handling any disputes or litigation over contracts with minors, especially entertainment industry agreements, disaffirming contracts, ratification, etc., handling any potential settlement agreements, or appeals, etc.

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